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Shout out to our recent donors!

Just a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far during our matching period, courtesy of a grant from The ASPCA! This matching opportunity ends on May 24. It's a unique opportunity that can turn $60,000 in donations to an amazing $120,000 toward After the Races' new home. Whether you can give $5 or $5000, please consider donating before the time runs out. It's a match it or lose it opportunity and every donation, regardless of size, gets us closer to our goal! While all donations are important to us, for those who donate $500 or more, there will be a personalized thank you gift coming your way at the end of this matching campaign!


First time hearing about it? Here's the details!

As of today, April 26, After the Races has 29 days to match up to $60,000 in funds, courtesy of a creative grant from The ASPCA! This grant and all donations toward matching it will go directly toward our capital campaign, making ATR's dream of a permanent home a reality. With your help, if this grant is matched, ATR will be very close to having $500,000 to put toward a permanent new home. This is a serious amount of buying power that will allow us to move quickly when the right farm comes to fruition. ATR already has three banks willing to work with us so it's just a matter of having an amazing down payment.

We are seeking like-minded individuals that share our dream that one day every racehorse will have a safe place to transition after racing. 

To match our goal, we need to average $1,875 in donations a day! Any help at all is appreciated and will go twice as far for a limited time!

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