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Rehab is just the beginning

Seeing a horse through to recovery is a very rewarding process and gives you ample time to develop a bond before ever putting a foot in the stirrup. If you are interested in taking that journey with a horse, we want to work with you and reward your efforts with assistance restarting them once they have recovered. Read on for more details.

Many horses retire from racing due to career ending injuries, but it's a misconception their story ends there. After the Races has been rehabilitating racehorses for more than ten years, and have helped hundreds of horses recover from such injuries.

From torn tendons to surgically repaired fractures, many of these horses can go on to their next career with few or no limitations once they recover fully. While some cases can involve extensive bandaging and medical treatment, a large number simply need rest and a gradual return to exercise, and it's our belief this can be done at home by the right adopters.

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Program Details

Step 1: Adopt

While adopting a rehabbing horse isn't for everyone, you may be surprised to find it could be within your wheelhouse. Horses in rehab take many forms. From the extreme of being recently out of surgery and in need of careful bandaging to simply needing a few more months of turnout and being a horse, letting Mother Nature do most of the work.

If you would like to consider adopting a horse in rehabilitation, we are here to work with you to develop a step-by-step plan to follow to see it through to recovery. After being approved to adopt, we are happy to talk to you about what horses you could be eligible to take home, depending on your level of experience.

Step 2: Rehab

Whether you're adopting a horse at the beginning, middle, or near the end of its recovery, we will work with you to develop a step-by-step rehabilitation plan that is easy to follow with the assistance of your veterinarian.

To be considered for adopting a horse in rehab, adopters must show a working relationship with their vet and the experience necessary to handle green horses, or those that have restricted exercise. 

To be eligible for the training stipend, we ask adopters to check in at set progress points to show the horse is recovering appropriately.  Once a horse has completed its rehabilitation plan, the next step is to contact us for your training stipend.

Step 3: Restart

Adopters who have completed their horse's rehab plan, and given After the Races appropriate updates along the way, are eligible to receive an $500 stipend to use toward restarting their Thoroughbred. This can be used for reimbursement for professional training away from home, at home, or lessons you take with your horse.


A trained horse is a safe horse, and we want to help you start off on the right foot with your new partner!

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Common Injuries

**Under construction**
Bowed Tendon
Slab Fracture
Condylar Fracture
Suspensory Injury
Sesamoid Fracture
Pelvic Fracture
Bucked or Cracked Shin

Common Surgeries

Surgical Repair of Fractures
Chip removal
Tie-back surgery

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