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Adopt Me Spotlight: Halligirl!

Coming directly from our director, Bonnie McRae, this is the third installment of our "Adopt Me Spotlight" series. For this series, Bonnie will pick a horse to spotlight that seems to be getting overlooked. Approved adopters can get this horse for $500 off their adoption fee until the next Adopt Me Spotlight.

For our second spotlight, we have Halligirl! 

Why do we think she's been overlooked?

  • Possibly because she's a plain bay.

  • Maybe because she's a mare?

  • No good reason!

WHO should be considering her:

  • Adult amateurs as she's very straightforward and loves to work.

  • Parents with advanced-level teenagers looking for a first horse on a budget (trainer reference required!).

  • Professionals who enjoy a horse who loves to work - she would likely excel quickly in a program!

  • Potentially even lesson programs that enjoy bringing something green in for advanced students to bring along.

  • Anyone who loves mares!

WHY you should be considering her:

  • She is very quiet, kind, and straightforward to ride

  • She has no vices.

  • Until the next spotlight her adoption fee is only $1700!

  • She is the perfect size for people - right at 16 hands. Not too big to get on from the ground or too small to handle most riders.

  • She is very amateur friendly and could be a "first horse" for someone who has guidance from a trainer or is an adult amateur type who is finally ready for horse ownership!

  • Anyone can handle her. She loves attention and loves being groomed.

  • The sky is the limit for her. She could fit the role of pleasure horse, eventer, even endurance (and she's got a great build for a TB in endurance!).

  • She's very smart and sensible and would likely do great on trails with some miles, and do well at off-the-farm activities.

  • She's turned out with mares and geldings with no issues and even does well turned out 24 hours a day and could go on field board.


My personal appeal for this horse.

Halligirl came to us from a truly wonderful horse breeder and racehorse owner who claimed her back from another owner just to retire her. He bred this horse and she got the best start in life and clearly has never been mishandled. She's a very quality mare and it shows.

Yes, she's in a bit of a plain, brown wrapper, but she's very well built, very kind, and loves to work. She has been in our program now for almost three months and is thriving. We love her here. She's fun to ride and our volunteers even ride her, but she is absolutely ready for her own person.

Because of her history with her wonderful racing owner and connections, we would love to see this mare go to a forever type home. If you're someone who has ridden their whole life, but has finally graduated college or got that new job or new promotion that has you ready to bring home your first horse, she is great first horse material.

Photos above: Baby photos sent by her breeder Hank!

Until then, I hope if you're on the fence about adopting through After the Races, you'll consider our reviews and our reputation and know that this is me, Bonnie McRae, being open and transparent when I tell you: this mare is worth your time.

Here's a video of her first ride with us, in the rain, with dogs running around. She was great, and is only getting better with each ride!

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