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Adopt Me Spotlight: Nashvegas

Updated: Apr 21


Coming directly from our director, Bonnie McRae, this is the second installment of our "Adopt Me Spotlight" series. On Mondays, Bonnie will pick a horse to spotlight that seems to be getting overlooked. Approved adopters can get this horse for $500 off their adoption fee until the next Adopt Me Spotlight.

For our second spotlight, we have Nashvegas!

Why do we think he's been overlooked?

  • Unfortunately, he needs a lower key job than originally expected.

  • Could possibly do better with some maintenance (injections) if adopter is up tot hat.

WHO should be considering him:

  • Someone who wants to give a horse a soft landing.

  • Someone who would like an active companion who can go for the occasional hack.

  • Someone just starting out with horses who wants a safe horse to learn the basics on with trainer supervision.

  • Or the opposite, an older or disabled rider or horseperson who just wants a horse to love on, spoil, and maybe occasionally ride.

  • Someone whose favorite pace is "moseying."

  • Established therapy programs who need either a walk/trot horse or an unridden therapy horse. He could do both!

WHY you should be considering him:

  • He is very quiet, kind, and straightforward to ride

  • He has no vices

  • Until the next spotlight his adoption fee is $500!

  • He is a good sized boy at almost 16.1, but not too big to scare beginners!

  • He is super amateur friendly and could be a beginner horse under trainer supervision.

  • Anyone can handle him. He loves attention and loves being groomed.

  • He has the temperament to be a great trail horse (low speeds).

  • Also has the temperament to be a therapy horse!

  • Would be a great active companion that you sit on here and there for little hacks around the farm.

  • He deserves a soft landing. Can you provide one?

Getting his tootsies done - he's a saint!

My personal appeal for this horse. Nashvegas is a horse that we've had since September. He came to us with recently active shins and some arthritis in one fetlock. Originally we thought he'd do well in most lower-level disciplines but time has told us that the fetlock is more limiting than we originally believed.

Nash is so lovely to work with and to ride that he could make an excellent lowkey therapy horse, trail horse, or active companion. If an adopter is willing to do injections, etc, he may be able to do more but as he is now, he is looking for a chill home. He would be the perfect horse to be a companion to other horses, and a horse you could pull out of the field once a month or once a week to go for a quiet hack, and he'll always be ready.

Nash could go to a walk/trot home but would likely be happiest just moseying around on the trails, or teaching beginners the absolute basics under saddle. He has the brain and patience for those lifestyles as well.

Nash did race a lot, at over 40 races. He likely made it that long at the track because he is a saint and he is all heart. He has a big heart to give to the right person and is so deserving of that soft landing.

Could you be his person?

Video below of his first ride - he's had many since on the buckle up in our ring and around the farm.

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