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Preakness Feature

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Leading up to the 2022 Preakness, WBALTV, the local NBC channel to Baltimore, reached out to us asking if we would like to be featured during their Preakness coverage and we were more than happy to participate!

Volunteers worked diligently to prep the barn so everything was in tip-top shape, horses were groomed, and everything was TV-ready. As this was happening, of course horses were still being fed, exercised, and cared for while we waited for the crew to arrive.

News anchor Jennifer Franciotti arrived with her crew and were very gracious with their time and patience as they got us ready for our interviews. Jennifer clearly has a heart for horses and wanted to pet and snuggle with each horse we introduced.

It was a unique experience working with them and a blessing to be able to share our mission with a greater audience. While they misspelled a few names of the horses (Bondurant Boy for one), their hearts seemed in the right place and volunteers and staff alike enjoyed the experience.

You can read the article that accompanied the video HERE.

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