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Double the Adoptions, Double the Fun!

When 2 year old Last Night received bad news regarding his deformed hocks, we worried about his future. That was until repeat adopters Rosie and Pam stepped up to the plate.

Last Night has hocks that were likely malformed when he was born prematurely, and then struggled under the weight of race training. Radiographs are certainly not pretty and there's just a small chance that his hocks might one day fuse to the point that he will be serviceable as a riding horse. Normally, this would be a horse we'd consider for euthanasia, but he won us all over with his gentle spirit and kind soul, so I reached out to our adopter family.

Rosie and her mother Pam have adopted three horses from us previously and have a farm on Long Island where they provide a sanctuary for a number of older or special needs horses. They offered to give Last Night the time and care he needed to have his best chance at a sound future, whether that's as a riding horse or as a lifelong pet on their farm. We could not be more grateful.

This brings us to today, when they arrived to pick up the sweetest 2 year old in the world. We talked for a few moments and I introduced them to the horses in the barn at the time, all rehab cases, before loading Last Night up. After loading like a perfect gentleman, they closed up the trailer and I waved goodbye before heading back into the barn, only to hear Rosie's voice back in the barn after a moment.

"Hey, could we adopt Tulfarris too?"

Tulfarris is a British horse who arrived not too long ago and is currently getting time for his green osslet to set before he works on a new riding career. We talked about his current needs and the longterm expectations for him, and they said they were sold. The moment they first met, they loved the look in his eye and recognized the same classy gentlemanly temperament I loved in him from the start.

So we did some paperwork and Tulfarris loaded right up next to his 2 year old companion and headed to NY to join 3 other ATR graduates. Seeing two head down the road together toward their new home always brings us extra joy and we can't wait to get updates on their growing ATR herd!

Tulfarris and Rosie (Pam and little Quinny in the background).

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