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After the Races to benefit from charity poker event, led by John Stewart and Resolute Racing!

Informational flyer for charity poker event

On April 29th, John Stewart and Resolute Racing announced the 20 Thoroughbred charities that will benefit from an upcoming charity poker event! From the details we've heard so far, each poker player will "buy in" to the game with a $5,000 donation to the organization they are matched with. John Stewart said they're raising $200,000 for aftercare, so it will be exciting to see how it plays out! We think this a really fun way for many racing outfits to give back to the organizations that will one day take care of many of their horses when it's time for them to transition from racing to a new career. Thank you, John Stewart, for choosing After the Races to play a part in your creative event! Wish one of our staff could come in person. Maybe next year, if this becomes an annual event!

For more information on Resolute Racing visit: Facebook: Twitter:

A list of the charities benefitting from the poker event!

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